The KPA Philosophy

The philosophy behind the launch of KillerFit Performance Academy is centered around a holistic approach to Youth Sports based on Safety First. We built this idealistic performance/training model using a 3 tiered system.

  • Mental preparation and goal setting. Greatness starts with developing a plan and then executing.
  • Dryland training to develop our youth athletes through strength, conditioning agility, balance, and coordination.
  • Power generation for optimal performance. We teach sport specific power and energy system work tailored to your needs.

Dryland Training

Both individual & team dryland training. With a 5,000 sq ft performance training facility for youth athletes in any sport.

Metabolic Testing

Our new VO2 Max technology will be a game changer for any elite athlete OR person with weight loss goals.

Functional Movement

The FMS is a pre-participation screening tool designed to identify inefficient movement that can cause injury.

24hr Gym

At, KPA we are proud to offer both basic & premium membership packages along with Single, Couples & Family memberships also.

Group Fitness

Our class selections include women’s only, men’s only and co-ed sessions including circuit training, body sculpt, crossfit & more.


Nutrition is the single most important factor in weight loss success & health & wellness. Our plans can will help you achieve your goals.