Nutrition For Weight Loss

Nutrition is probably the single most important factor in weight loss success and overall health and wellness. Most of us love to eat, and in our convenience-filled world, we have no lack of choices.

When trying to eat healthy, it helps to think about the environment in which humans began to adapt. We existed on the verge of starvation, and our bodies are extremely well-equipped to make good use of plants, berries, nuts, and the occasional bit of meat. Always efficient, our bodies are able to store excess energy as fat. This was very important hundreds of years ago but today there is little need. Some body fat is essential for keeping us healthy, so no one should be striving for 0 percent body fat, but most of us retain a few more layers than we need.

Today, many of us no longer struggle with life-threatening hunger, but the daily abundance of choices combined with our sedentary lifestyle leads to other health problems. Combined with our time starved family lives we have little time for ourselves. So where is the time for healthy food and exercise habits?

A multi-billion dollar industry has been created, targeting these time starved adults with promises of “guaranteed weight-loss”. Shakes, fad diets, and diet pills are everywhere and you may have tried one or more of these and my guess is there was limited success.

The truth is, there is no miracle weight loss shake. All healthy weight loss comes from a calorie deficit, or burning more energy than you consume. A simple concept that is sometimes difficult to accomplish. We have years of experience with meal plans and exercise plans, and more importantly we know the strategies that will help you achieve your goals. This is what we do best. Reach out for more details.