“Creating tomorrow’s fitness is the cornerstone of any great athlete and the best athletes start earlier and earlier. Let’s teach our young athletes lifestyle lessons that will last.”

KPA specializes in individual and team dryland training. With 5,000 sq ft of state of the art performance training facility that specializes in fitness training for youth athletes in any sport. KPA Dryland training programs are fun, age appropriate dryland exercises that help deliver the agility, balance, coordination, strength and skill training that youth athletes need to compliment their discipline. Dryland training is an important aspect of any sport that can help your strength and success from the ice to the pool to the field, and everything in between. Dryland training allows the athlete to work certain areas of their body that may go unnoticed while training in the same environment day after day.

What We Provide:

Strength Training

Strength is a key pillar of any great athlete. For young athletes, learning proper lifting technique as well as body weight exercises provides a solid foundation for the future as well as late season stamina that leads to championships.

Speed / Agility / Flexibility

Co-ordination is the hallmark of athletic ability and is invaluable for adolescent athletes. These skills need to be trained to get better and our focus will create dramatic change. Flexibility, the most neglected aspect of fitness will also be heavily stressed to help prevent injury.

Training Specific
  • very light-weighted bars
  • body weight exercise
  • quick feet
  • spring drills
  • coordination drills
  • core stability
  • active stretching
  • take home programs
What To Expect

Through specific in season training and nutritional mentoring we will expect to make significant gains in fitness, body composition and the mental attitude of the players.

What You Provide:


Because of the extensive commitments to school and other extra curricular activities we propose that in season training be once a week for an hour each session.

The commitment must be very serious to all those involved and strongly endorsed by the coaching staff.


During the training session KillerFIT trainers will expect the utmost focus from the players. Focus will create the best fitness experience, results, and will translate into the ultimate performance on the field as well.


It is in everybody’s best interest to produce the finest athletes possible. KillerFIT looks forward to being part of your team and help guide these young athletes as far as they are willing to take themselves.